Cybertrade — The First Metaverse MMO RPG Built On Binance Chain

It’s no secret that non-fungible token (NFT) gaming will be one of the fastest-growing industries in 2021. P2E NFT gaming combines blockchain technology with gaming, two rapidly expanding industries. Many people are drawn to the play-to-earn model because it allows them to enjoy their favorite games while also earning money. P2E games are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the rise of NFT, and players are increasingly turning away from more traditional forms of entertainment in favor of those that allow them to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Users who participate in this game can not only experience the sensation of playing in an innovative and modern game ecosystem, but they can also earn money from the games they participate in. Different activities and games can be performed by users just like in the real world. Metaverse games have become increasingly popular in recent years because of the immersive experience and features they provide.

The metaverse concept itself will continue to develop in the future in tandem with global technological advancements, according to this prediction. And to celebrate this, Cybertrade was created to be a game that will leave players with a lasting impression. An innovative open-world Metaverse MMO RPG built on Binance Smart Chain, Cybertrade gives players the chance to earn rewards for their gaming activities as well as play the game in a more enjoyable way.

RPGs in the MMO format

Multiplayer role-playing games (MMO RPGs) are a type of video game that allows players to interact with each other in a virtual world. Currently, there are a number of excellent RPG MMO games available for gamers to enjoy. It’s true that many of these games don’t offer rewards to long-time players; however, users can make money by selling items and accounts to other players. Fortunately, there are now protocols like DeFi and NFT that allow gamers to participate in the platform and receive rewards. A revolutionary open-world MMO RPG Metaverse experience, Cybertrade provides players with the opportunity to engage in virtual combat, racing, and the acquisition of assets. Additionally, gamers will receive tokens that can be exchanged for real money for their gaming activities as a reward for participating in the game

As part of Cybertrade’s game, users will be able to earn rewards for completing various tasks. It’s our goal at Cybertrade to provide users with a safe and fun gaming platform that incorporates our ever-evolving NFT personalization technology.


Based on Cybertrade, Metaverse will be the next generation AAA sandbox experience. You can purchase shares in the Metaverse stock market if you hold CyberCash. As a result, you’ll be able to purchase land, construct buildings, and oversee the management of your NFT assets. Wherever you go in the city, you’ll see people.

Drops of varying rarity of NFT can be found. If you want it, you’ll have to fight for it. If you defeat your opponent, you have the option of making him a member of your NFT.

either kill or destroy the NFT so no one can ever obtain it again. If you’re lucky, you might be able to snag something truly unique. It will become increasingly difficult to obtain each subsequent NFT.

Eventually. There will be a finite number of NFTs available. As more are caught, they will become more scarce at times.

This is a brand-new concept that has the potential to completely alter the gaming landscape. Players will be able to have a much greater influence on the game’s outcome. They will be the ones to hold the Metaverse’s trust.

What exactly is “cyber-commerce”?

At BSC, Cybertrade was launched as an MMO RPG with a metaverse concept. For those who want to make money, Cybertrade’s features allow them to compete, fight, and own assets. As more people participate in Cybertrade, the rewards they receive will rise along with it. But that’s not all: Cybertrade also has the following additional features:

Features of the Cybertrade

With the most advanced NFT personalization technology ever, Cybertrade plans to provide users with a high-quality gaming experience, while also ensuring that their personal information is safe and secure.

It’s called “Play 2 Earn,” and it allows players to earn CyberCash even when they lose a trade. Cybertrade may be able to motivate players to continue participating in the game by providing a solution like this.

NFT empires can be customized, leveled up, and built so that the user’s empire is superior to other users’.

Trading on a computer has the following advantages:

MMO RPG game Cybertrade was launched at BSC and features a metaverse concept. Cybertrade’s features enable users to engage in conflict, compete for resources, and amass wealth. As more people participate in Cybertrade, the rewards they receive will rise along with it. Not only that, but there are numerous additional Cybertrade features:

The most advanced NFT customization technology ever used by Cybertrade will be used to provide users with a good gaming experience that not only provides excitement but also high security.

Even if the user loses, the user will still receive CyberCash in the form of CyberCash. Using a solution like this, Cybertrade can encourage its users to continue playing and increase their level of engagement in the game.

Players have the option of upgrading their NFT Kingdoms and building their own empire, which is superior to other players.

Playing video games while trading cryptocurrencies

There is a lot of overlap between gamers and cryptocurrency users. According to a 2019 Rutgers University study of gamers, more than half of the 897 participants had traded cryptocurrency in the previous year. Day trading in cryptocurrencies is a high-risk, high-reward form of investment that can be enjoyed while playing games or watching movies. It’s claimed that cryptocurrency trading is “similar to gaming but anonymous, unregulated and available 24/7” according to the research findings.

Trends in the NFT market.

New words like “cryptocurrency” are making their way into the vernacular, and this one is no exception. In other words, it’s an NFT. In contrast to cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged for any other asset, NFTs are blockchain-related assets that are completely unique. Examples include virtual land on a multi-user platform, programmable art, and physical asset ownership records.

These digital goods, which can be collected, traded, and scaled on a massive scale thanks to their one-of-a-kindness, serve as a bridge between the virtual and physical economies. In 2020, the non-fungible token (NFT) market is expected to triple in value, reaching over $250 million in total transaction value, according to a report published by, an NFT market analyst firm.

Using proprietary technology to monitor NFT market activity, the report discovered a rise in total NFT transaction value from $62,862,687 in 2019 to $250,846.205 in 2020 for all transactions (including sales and other transactions such as “breeding,” “printing,” and leasing).

There has been a significant increase in the number of active wallets transacting NFT (including buying, selling, storing, or using them in blockchain applications), according to, which also found that market activity has increased significantly. It also increased from 44,644 to 74,529 buyers and sellers, a 66% increase in the number of buyers and 24% in sellers. There was an increase in the number of people using their wallets in 2020, which suggests that growth will be even stronger in 2021. “Q4 total growth doubled from Q3 and tripled from Q2,” says the report. “


On Cybertrade, which has an economy built in, the company plans to launch its own currency to facilitate user transactions. Tokens can be easily obtained from a variety of exchanges on the Cybertrade platform. In addition to being used for gaming, purchasing goods, and paying, CCASH tokens are the only tokens owned by Cybertrade. To begin playing, players need this token. Without this token, the user will be unable to play. Cybertrade’s future development and operation will be aided by this token.


With the help of various parties such as AU21 Capital, OpenSea GBV, BGA Maven Capital and many others the team was able to improve Cybertrade. The Cybertrade team is confident that they will be able to develop better games in the future and add new features that will create a more modern and profitable gaming ecosystem for users by collaborating with these various parties. There is a possibility that more parties will collaborate with Cybertrade in the future if Cybertrade continues to grow in popularity.

Finally, I’d like to mention

The metaverse sector will continue to expand in the future. Especially if this concept is adopted by entertainment and gaming platforms around the world, this could be a lucrative industry. Open-world Metaverse RPG MMO Cybertrade is built on the BSC platform.

Cybertrade will become a place where gamers can fight, compete, and own assets in a virtual world that will benefit them by providing an excellent gaming experience. In addition, even if they don’t win, users will be rewarded with CCash tokens for their efforts. Open world Metaverse MMO RPG Cybertrade aims to provide users with an unforgettable experience and attractive rewards.

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