Elysian Finance (LYS) — Next-generation reserve-backed token for decentralized financial products and the decentralized web.

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Decentralization and blockchain are two terms that might easily overwhelm you when you first hear about web 3.0. Web 3.0 refers to the next generation of internet evolution from the first generation (1.0) to the second generation (2.0). A new level of global information exchange was made possible by the communications explosion made possible by the World Wide Web. New phenomena such as cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications running on blockchain are expected to be explored in Web 3.0.Recently, I’ve been debating the possibility of a prolonged bear market, as well as its implications for the development of various cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.
When it comes to the Bitcoin revolution, I’ve witnessed a huge amount of innovation, particularly in the area of blockchain technology. Despite this, there’s always room for improvement, and it appears that a blockchain engineer has introduced a fresh invention into the world of cryptocurrency investing. believe that Elysian main value proposition is clear: Elysian protocol, capital markets platform, and community all incentivise active involvement in the ecosystem, with a positive feedback loop allowing users to reap the benefits of compounding gains from staking and bonding in the process.
The basic concept of Elysian finance is the creation of a long-term, sustainable, and irreversible decentralized autonomous organization that can function with minimal management over the long run. Elysian is a protocol for the next global financial system that will be implemented in the near future. With asset-backed tokens, it makes it possible to securely, efficiently, and transparently create and manage liquid assets that are held in digital format on the blockchain using blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has the potential to improve the efficiency of global commerce. This evolution is made possible by Elysian technology solution, which improves the digital asset management system through transparency and decentralization, thereby facilitating it.

Elysian Finance (LYS)
Elysian Finance (LYS) is an effort to inject fresh life into the current state of affairs. However, the project’s architecture is greatly influenced by OHM, but it takes a different approach. Elysian project’s development process is light years ahead of the competition.
The amount of work that the team has accomplished in such a short period of time is astounding. In contrast to other projects, Elysian have made major improvements in a number of crucial areas of blockchain technology, and Elysian devoted staff is working nonstop every day to achieve this.
The Elysian Token (LYS) is a next generation reserve-backed token for decentralized financial products and the decentralized web. DeFi (de-centralized finance) is the next generation of value internet, which employs distributed ledger technology to connect customers and suppliers, service providers, and financial platforms
Even small investors will be interested in participating in the protocol due to the theoretical and video game dynamics of the stacking system. Both short-term and long-term opportunities are taken into account by the protocol’s joint efficiency. In addition, it has an upgradable smart contract architecture and other similar features, such as:

1. Returnable bonds can be traded over the counter, as can other types of bonds, like stocks.

2. Protocols can be automated.

3. It’s also important to think about supply chain management when you think about NFT.

Pre-Elysian (pLYS) Token and LYS
Cryptocurrency bear market cycles are avoided by Elysian, a new type of cryptocurrency. Elysian utility token, Elysian (LYS), serves as a reward for good behavior in our ecosystem and drives the Elysian platform. Additionally, the token’s risk-free value (RFV) ensures that $1 USD is equal to one LYS created at all times. Through network effects, these assets grow in value over time as more users join the treasuries and earn ELY for doing so.
In the ERC20 token Pre-Elysian (plys) is a derivative of the Elysian Token (LYS). If you hold the right to mint tokens with your pLYS, you can do so by burning one token and placing $1 in an asset reserve for each one you mint. To put it another way, the pLYS intrinsic value is derived from the Treasury pool of LYS tokens that are set aside for future token creation. pLYS is a short-term derivative of LYS because there are no specific dates when the circulating supply arbitrarily inflates.

Upgradeable and modular smart contract architecture, as well as capabilities like these, are all part of Elysian’s contribution
-OTC market for bonds and inverse bonds
-Automated asset management
-Streamlined governance and NFT
-Rewards tier on top of a ve(3,3) “vote-escrow” mechanism.

80,000 LYS will be offered for sale
The offering price will be $2.5 per LYS
The AMM pool will begin trading at $7.48 with a $240k liquidity cushion.
Only staking will be enabled at launch. Bonds will be added successively.

pLYS Distribution
Team: 330m pLYS and 8% supply
Investors: 70m pLYS and 3% supply
Advisors: 50m pLYS and 1% supply
Community: 550m pLYS and no supply cap.

Lastly, the Elysian Project has the power to change the way we do business online and the way we communicate. Its adoption will bring about a paradigm shift in financial services, giving developers the ability to create decentralized systems based on blockchain technology. Supporting this ecosystem is the LYS token as a utility token that represents liquidity in the new digital economy. When people control their own data, nothing can stop them from having absolute power.
Elysian wanted to get cryptocurrencies as close to “everyday use” as possible, so they developed a blockchain service to facilitate the issuance of digital tokens, which would be backed by real-world equities.

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