HORGI Token : Crypto Payment Platform And Ecosystem

Welcome to the hunt for the most unique and powerful meme dog-themed crypto tokens on the market! HORGI Tokens. Secure, fast and valuable Good for both Dog Pools and every businesses with Dog format (Dog Cafe, Dog Hotels, Dog Banks) ✔Payments for buying goods in real world.

Forget all the complicated blockchain technology jargon. HORGI Token, meme coins and smart chains are here to make sure everyone can have a piece of this new breed of dog-themed digital currency.

With free wallet software for all major desktop and mobile operating systems, people can use these adorable cryptocurrencies like DragonPay and MogiPay to pay for their real-world treats.

HORGI Tokens are a new breed of crypto that can be used for paying for things in the real world. Gift crypto, is the first and only token where cryto gifts pay for the goods and services of this dog-friendly world.

HORGI Token is a crypto payment platform for HORGI Dogs and their owners. Using the power of blockchain technology, the adoption momentum of crypto currency can be further enhanced, allowing for the development of special smart chains for dogs and creating an ecosystem with its own token economy.

HORGI is a decentralized ecosystem that supports the development, deployment and running of applications for all dog lovers.

HORGI’s new token(HORG) aims to connect anything and any business that is related to meme dogs, to create a new breed of crypto.

HORGI tokens are designed to be used as a payment currency for goods and services in the dog meme and cryptocurrency industries. By using HORGI tokens, you can easily pay with your pet. ​

HORGI Tokens will be used to purchase dog-themed merchandise, pay for purchases at dog cafes, and can even be used in an arcade to play games with other pets using HORGI token.

HORGI Tokens vision is to bring back the thrill of collecting, and have token value rise as the community grows — but this time with an unprecedented level of utility.

HORGI Offers The Best Digital Dog meme Game (Yep, You Heard It Right!). In today’s tech-crazy world, many people are turning to technology as a source of amusement and relaxation. Many dog lovers out there want to create a world of diversity and color for their dream pets. This is why we’re here.

HORGI is an innovative, brand new, cryptocurrency in the form of a Crypto Payment Platform, a custom Ecosystem and Crypto as a Service. A novel and integrated ecosystem designed to solve problems associated with centralized payment systems while creating a synergy with crypto funds that are converted into cryptocurrencies.

HORGI token and smart chain system. It helps you to pay in many different ways on one of the most secure blockchain networks available to your users. With HORGI, any seller can process payments which not only makes them happy but also provide maximum security to buyers.

HORGI tokens can be exchanged between users in the HORGI ecosystem, used as payment for goods and services, or sold back to an exchange for another cryptocurrency.

Informasi Details

Website: https://horgitoken.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/horgitoken

Telegram: https://t.me/horgitoken

Whitpaper: https://horgitoken.org/HORGI%20Token%20whitepaper.pdf

Creator Article: Lauria Lambolia

Forum Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3397945

Username Telegram : @laurialambolia

Wallet Bsc Address: 0x028fB5774042593daF0A3ce501C2CBc939a4bdC5




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