How the Crypto Dog Club works

Crypto Dog Club

Crypto Dogs Club is a game where users accumulate dogs and train them to run — in cyberspace. Users buy dogs directly using Ethereum cryptocurrency or earn or purchase Ether (“Dog Treats”) to use in the game. The game started running on an open source Ethereum smart contract, but as we became more successful, it became too complex to manage.

Crypto Dog Club is now fueled by its own blockchain. The blockchain includes all living Crypto Dogs, previous competitions, and the six rarest Crypto Dog breeds. Your Crypto Dog can also be bred with other Crypto Dog breeds to create rare crossbreeds.

The blockchain is fueled by the DOG token. It was built by our friends at Blockstack, and it can’t be shutdown because there are no web servers to hack.”

Crypto Dog Club is a game built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is like Crypto Kitties, but for DOGE. You can buy your own dogecoin puppy, feed it treats to make it grow, then eventually breed it to create its puppies that you could sell or trade with others.

We pay all transaction fees from our business by converting DOGE into crypto-collectibles called Cryptokitties, an ERC-721 token with a supply of 250,000 that we minted for this purpose.

The Crypto Dogs Club is the first ever multiplayer game of buying, breeding, and trading virtual dogs. Based on blockchain technology, you can buy low level pups for as little as 100 tokens, then breed them to either raise their price or generate a new pup all your own.

Trade your pups at the weekly auctions for Ethereum to other players in the network across the world. Check out our handy video demo of the game .

Each time a pup is sold, its ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer. Currently, Crypto Dogs Club only uses the Ethereum blockchain to store dog DNA information, but this could easily change in the future. In other words, we will have an incredible backup should anything happen.

Our Crypto Dog Club is the center of attention for dog lovers around the world. Our token, the CanineCoin (CANN), is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s also used to buy and sell dogs, play games, and track your favorite animals.

One CANN token allows you to adopt one dog of any breed on our website. Buy him treats and toys. Play games with him online. We even have an embedded webcam so you can see everything he’s doing! Join

Crypto Dogs Club is a shared online universe. Like the blockchain itself, there’s no central authority or middleman charging fees. Like the internet itself, it’s open and unhindered: Anyone can play and anyone can watch.

The Crypto Dogs Club is a 1:1 simulation of the crypto market built on the Blockstack protocol. It uses Ethereum smart contracts to create NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The big difference is that the C DC runs via JavaScript and leverages features such as transactions and balances to track ownership.

Crypto Dog Club is a decentralized trading card game. Each player purchases one or more pups, trains them to gain capabilities, and competes in challenges against other players’ DOGS. The pups can also be used to breed new puppies of different genes and abilities.

Crypto Dogs Club players have the option to become a Club Master. Club Masters have the ability to spawn puppies with different attributes, which in turn can be bought, sold, or used in tournaments. Crypto Dog Club aims to provide ownership of unique digital assets in an exciting environment. It is not about making money; it is about owning unique digital assets and having fun!”

Crypto Dog Club incorporates a combination of Augmented Reality and blockchain technology, allowing players to capture, train, and compete with an ever growing list of collectibles. The cartoon dogs that you see in the Crypto Dog Club app are uniquely identifiable using AR technology.

With these AR dog collectibles, each one has a unique 256-bit ID number. This uniquely identifies your virtual dog within the world of Crypto Dog Club.

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