How To Make A New Cryptocurrency [Santacoin]

Lauria Lambolia
3 min readDec 16, 2021


Hey everyone.

Santacoin is a cryptocurrency that will be used for purchasing merchandise from the new Santasatan store and for tipping users in the new Santa chat. The tip bot will also provide incentives to new members to decide whether they want to stay or not.

New features I am looking into include smart contracts, game theory and Eigentrust reputation systems for increased privacy; these new features will be optional for users but available in future Santacoin implementations.

The long-term goal of Santacoin is to create a decentralized, sustainable cryptocurrency which has its own economy, political and legal systems, and high levels of privacy.

The Santacoin wallet, generated by the user, is entirely controlled by the user. A feature with a unique “trust” score and reputation system built in has been coded in, which will be explained further in this document. This system helps to keep your money safe from theft and any other malicious activities.

You will also be able to further strengthen your trustability by providing positive feedback to users you appreciate and detest negative feedback from users you have had bad transactions with. This way Santas are determined by the community in general rather then one person or organization deciding who is good or bad.

Santacoin is a new cryptocurrency based around a new Proof of Stake Protocol named Trust-based coin switching which involves “maintaining a list of publicly known honest masternodes to stake with” This list is stored on an unique blockchain that is shared between masternodes as an innovative way to increase privacy of users.

This guide is designed to encourage new performance enhancements and new features for future releases of the currency. Our goal is to encourage more investors, users and services to participate with future versions of Santacoin. With a strong community and support like we already have, it should be easy!

Santacoin aims to be more than a cryptocurrency. Our goal is to get the people involved and to help a large number of non-profits and other good causes. We hope to achieve this with the Santacon network, in which anyone can set up their own fundraiser which accepts donations in Santacoin (among other cryptocurrencies). Santacoin can also be used as a currency inside of games that accept it.

Today I’m going to show you guys how to make a new cryptocurrency in the next 7 steps. Santacoin has the best development team with the most advanced blockchain algo. We have beaten Litecoin and Bitcoin many times in our short life cycle.

The first official Santacoin article explains the basics of how cryptocurrency and block chains work and the second starts to explain the details of our upcoming asset, SANC. The process that the community follows to understand, assess and decide on the future direction of Santacoin is not just a matter of technical know-how; it is also an exercise in democracy.

The Santacoin project is based on seven pillars. These represent all of the things that the Santacoin team are currently focusing on. Think of them as seven stages in our overall roadmap.

This guide will teach you how to make a new cryptocurrency project, with the idea and philosophy that was used to create Santacoin, as well as outline some of the steps in a proof-of-work cryptocurrency network.

This guide is meant to serve as a general introduction to creating your own cryptocurrency. While we will not be covering particular technical implementations behind the scenes, this guide should give you a clear idea of what it takes to create a new altcoin, along with some insights into why and purpose of each component that you would need to implement in order to create a new cryptocurrency.

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