Introducing Fidelis Crypto: A Brand New Blockchain Loyalty Points Program

Hi, everbody.

You’re currently checking out a new blockchain technology that has been making waves in the loyalty points industry.

This new technology will enable you to use rewards as tradable tokens between both peers, similar to the experience of using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but with US Dollars (USD) and all other fiat currencies.

Introducing Fidelis Crypto — a new blockchain loyalty rewards platform specifically designed for merchants to engage consumers with brands that they love.

Fidelis will decentralize and secure data using the latest in cryptography and blockchain technology, providing an efficient and trusted platform for consumers and merchants to engage in a semi-automated point redemption program.

Fidelis is a blockchain-based digital loyalty rewards platform that allows customers to execute secure point redemption in exchange for digital and physical products.

Blockchain technology allows Fidelis to offer a much more secure, anonymous and engaging way to earn, manage and redeem your loyalty points than traditional programs like Air Miles and Nectar.

Fidelis offers a digital loyalty rewards platform designed for the blockchain that allows customers to execute secure point redemption in exchange for digital and physical products.

The platform provides a marketplace where merchants can create and redeem customized reward programs using blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security.

The Fidelis just launched a new loyalty rewards program called Fidelis Crypto. Fidelis app allows customers to build points by eating at partner restaurants, shopping, and using Fidelis travel routes.

Those points can then be redeemed for digital and physical products like concert tickets, merchandise, special events and more.

With Fidelis Crypto, merchants and consumers can exchange loyalty points for rewards in a secure and transparent manner. There are no complex contracts, restrictive vendors, or other intermediaries. Just instant rewards when your points are redeemed.

And with our engineering team and advisors in place to ensure security and consumer protection, Fidelis created a system that empowers consumers while earning the trust of merchants and brands alike.

The Fidelis Blockchain Rewards Platform is redefining loyalty through a comprehensive loyalty rewards system that is built on the blockchain.

Fidelis platform will allow merchants to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology, create their own unique loyalty program and digitally reward customers with cryptocurrency.

Let’s face it: loyalty rewards programs can be confusing. Receiving a random email with yet another coupon code, or an obscure reward that requires multiple trips to a store before you actually receive your prize are more like annoyances than loyalty program perks.

Thanks to Fidelis, that’s about to change forever.

At Fidelis, Fidelis solve industry-wide problems with digital loyalty rewards. Fidelis’ blockchain-based solution allows for the elimination of fraud and for points to be redeemed in real time.

Hop on board at the ground level of an exciting project that will change how consumers and brands interact.

Fidelis hope you enjoy using Fidelis Crypto as much as Fidelis enjoyed creating it — with your support and feedback, Fidelis achieve goals of helping business owners change the way they engage and acquire customers.

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