Magic Token (MTK) Trading — A Step Towards The Digitalization Of Personal Assets

The international investment platform Magic Trading is entering the most important phase of the digitalization of personal assets.

Magic Trading is entering the most important phase of the digitalization of personal assets. Internal testing of all components has been conducted, now the final preparations for series production are being made.

Magic Trading is a major step towards the digitalization of personal assets. Magic Token is a blockchain based tokenized version of the Singapore Dollar. It will be built on the open Ethereum-based platform: ERC20 Ethereum Token Standard.

This Standard is used by the largest crypto-assets in the world. All tokens based on this Standard are compatible with each other and can be transferred between users and exchanges, which facilitates their wide adoption.

Magic Trading is a step towards the digitalization of personal assets. We intend to make traditional financial mechanisms more transparent and flexible though the new blockchain technology.

We are developing a platform for the cryptographic markets based on blockchain technology, which will allow users to buy and trade tokenized shares in various industries. Such as stocks, bonds and other forms of securities. It will be possible to purchase tokens without commission from the Magic Trading platform.

In order to create a legally compliant and transparent service, Magic Trading has made sure that there is a clear procedure for the KYC-procedure (Know Your Customer). It will be implemented by the end of September 2018. It’s important to keep in mind that our goal is to set up a fully regulated platform for trading investment instruments.

4.4 million people have already said goodbye to stock market indices at Magic Blockchain and transferred the handling of their investments to Magic Trading. All securities are subject to a passive administration by the platform’s experts and trading bots, who use Machine Learning algorithms to trade on behalf of customers.

The young team of Magic Trading is about to push out their version 2.0 after a thorough testing phase. With the new release, among other features, the Equities Platform and the Lending Platform will be connected to every major stock exchange in the world, including NASDAQ, and many major banks, as well as providing a secure cold wallet and a simple usability.

David Rodriguez works for Magic Trading for more than a year. At the beginning of this year, he got promoted to head the global marketing team. His goal is to lead tens of thousands of people in their entry into crypto trading, while also providing personalized services to dozens of top-level customers.

The vision is to connect the traditional economy with crypto-assets, which will be made possible by a blockchain-based trade platform that can support transactions in all types of crypto-assets and financial instruments.

High returns, transparency and security — this is what the financial markets of tomorrow look like. The goal is to open up an entirely new market for small investors.

Tokenizing your assets opens up a new world of opportunities. Magic Trading is an international investment platform which provides state-of-the-art blockchain technology for personal assets, helping you invest in stocks of the fastest growing companies around the world, while still retaining security and transparency.

Citizens of the world declared their personal assets in a safe and secure way on the Magic Trading platform via its simple app. Now it is possible to trade fractional shares in any part of the world. This is a revolution for investment assets and a prerequisite for capitalization into Mr. John Doe’s flat share. The key to success will be liquidity, whereby every asset owner can easily convert his assets into cash via Magic Trading anytime.

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