Majin Shiba Inu — A Revolution in the Business of Coins

Lauria Lambolia
3 min readJan 17, 2022

Welcome to the Majin Shiba Inu universe, a place where you have a chance to be part of the launch of each new coin. Majin Shiba Inu will allow everyone to share in the success of a new coin launch. The first person to buy a new coin will receive 25% above their original purchase price.

The more coins a person buys, the greater their rewards when they sell their newly purchased coins back to us.

In the world of crypto currency, coins come and go like the waves on the ocean. Majin Shiba Inu is a blockchain network and platform with an integrated game that gives its coin owners a chance to vote together on new coins before they are launched.

With its own cryptocurrency, the Majin Shiba Inu want people to think of as more than just a place to exchange coins. Majin Shiba Inu is more like Bitcoin-Lite, in that the Majin Shiba Inu help developers connect to those who demand the coins they create. That’s the revolution in the business of coins.

Join the revolution in digital currencies.

Majin Shiba Inu to launch the first coin that you can launch with us! Now, you can launch any new digital currency in the world, it will never happen again. The blockchain network is one of the most advanced in the world, has the highest speed and security.

In the blockchain network called Majin Shiba Inu, Majin Shiba Inu will launch a currency of your choice through crowdsourcing. This means that it will be launched by all users at once, Majin Shiba Inu has all the attributes of a healthy cryptocurrency: A fast blockchain network and high security.

Majin Shiba Inu are a team of experts in blockchain, network marketing, and game development. Our goal: To create a new business model that involves all the members of the community.

Majin Shiba Inu is a blockchain network, a currency, and the game platform built on it. This book describes the Majin Shiba Inu network, Majin Shiba Inu coin, the principles of Game on the blockchain and how they can be used in applications and games. I also describe some of the benefits of this technology and why major companies like IBM, Microsoft and Accenture have already adopted it.

Majin Shiba Inu is a coin business platform in blockchain, which will attract and bind you to the coins of all kinds of world-famous companies, benefiting from them and in turn getting value-added coins. When a new coin appears in the Majin Shiba Inu network, you can participate in the launch of it and get its new coins proportionately.

The new platform Majin Shiba Inu is here and ready to provide you with opportunities like never before. Now exist a direct way to participate in the launch of new coins on majin shiba inu.

The new coin launch platform Majin Shiba Inu has overcome the difficulties of miners and investors, so you no longer have to worry about the risk of mining or holding coins.

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