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Welcome To Metakings.
Connect with friends to earn more META tokens. Use it as a currency on the games portal to buy lotto tickets, buying new weapons and upgrading skills. Make money when training, fighting and winning. Share your great gaming experience moment with friends and get special bonuses for referral friend.

Play, train, and grow — make profit! Have fun by playing. Make money when training, fighting, and winning. Invite your friends to make profit as well. We will help you keep updated as information in Metakings system. You can chat with other players through the App Messenger.

You are a professional player, you know how to win the challenge. You also want to share your great game experience with friends. Well, Metakings gives you the opportunity to get special bonuses just for having your friends register on the app.

With Metakings you don’t need to use your phone balance or a credit card to purchase in-game items. You can earn a lot of extra money playing the game and using our referral system. This makes Metakings a great tool for both beginners and experienced players. No matter what level you are, you can find someone close to your level to fight, train and make companionship.

Metakings is a Blockchain game with real rewards where you can earn when you train your avatar, fight and win. When you invite up to 3 friends to play with you, they will also get some benefits.

Professional training and battle will be rewarded by the platform and player can trade their amassed treasures in the virtual world and move into the real one. By building a digital world for professionals, it ensures that community members are healthy, happy, as well as empowered. That’s why we create Blockchain to ensure that everyone is rewarded fairly with real benefits.

Discover How The Blockchain Esports Platform Is Changing The Way Millions Of Gamers Interact And Earn Money In Digital Games. Metakings is the First Ever Blockchain Game With Real In-Game Rewards For Players. We Are Kicking Off A New System That Allows Every Gamer To Earn From Their Favorite Games On Their Favorite Platforms.

Looking for an interesting way to earn money and reward yourself while having fun? Metakings is a blockchain based game with abundant rewards, you can make money just by being a gamer. Visiting social medias or completing tasks everyday will be a piece of cake. Every players has their own benefits and luxury. If you think that’s cool, we have much more!!! is another blockchain game with real rewards and use of MET tokens. You can use MET tokens to buy items in the game, exchange for other cryptocurrencies, or cash them out for USD, EUR or HKD! Game developers promise to give 20% of the profit from selling in-game items (including Rubies, which cost $1–5 each) to players each month.

Games will be on both iOS and Android platforms, with an estimated release in December 2017 and a soft launch targeting China at the end of October 2017.

You will get real reward just for playing a game. You can collect and trade your reward, buy and sell with other players.

Chatting, Trading, Fighting and Earning — the game to kick it off!
Be in the exciting world of blockchain game in ! With Metakings Game App, you can make money for training, fighting and winning. Share your great gaming experience moment with friends.

You will get special bonus when using your referral link registration and your friend will get bonus too. We make sure you won’t miss any latest news about Metakings here. You will receive the newest information on Metaking App Messenger and you can use this to chat with other players or run some marketing strategies.

Check out game. It’s a blockchain game with real rewards. Earn money when developing your character, fighting and winning. Share your gaming experience with friends so that they can join the fun, and you can earn bonuses for referring them to the community. 4 types of in-game activities:

1 training (to boost your physical characteristics),

2fight (to learn new moves), (to earn gold coins) (to exchange characters or items).

Join over 2 million Metakings fans already on Telegram to discuss with other players and find out what strategies work best.

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