Our New Cryptocurrency, Smash Cash

Lauria Lambolia
3 min readNov 28, 2021


Smash Cash is the first cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology, set to revolutionize the financial system. Our system guarantees anonymity and privacy during transactions, through an encryption system of Zero Links, within the 10 most popular Blockchains, and all Blockchain platforms.

The development team of our company has more than 20 years of experience in programming, finance, and technological consulting. Our first goal is to make it easy for everyone to engage in secure transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Here’s a currency that can guarantee anonymity and privacy during transactions, through an encryption system of Zero Links, within the 10 most popular Blockchains, and all Blockchain platforms. Our currency was developed with security measures in mind, and we hope you find it valuable and appealing.

In an effort to make crypto-currency transactions as secure as possible, Smash Cash was developed, using Zero Links cryptography. This system keeps the privacy of the individual as priority, as well as guarantees anonymity during transactions, as it uses encryption on the 10 most popular Blockchains and all Blockchain platforms.

At Smash Coin, we’ve created a cryptocurrency that is secure and private for all transactions. Unlike other cryptocurrencies where by default, your transactions are permanently stored in their Blockchains, your anonymity is maintained with our system of Zero Links, in the 10 most popular Blockchains, and all Blockchain platforms.

We know that dealing with cryptocurrencies can be risky, so we made sure to take every precaution. Our new cryptocurrency is called Smash Cash, and guarantees security & privacy during transactions through Zero Links protocols on the 10 most popular Blockchains.

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency that can offer you complete anonymity? Smash Cash’s system of Zero Links will encrypt all transactions through the 10 most popular Blockchains, guaranteeing that you remain 100% secure.

We are proud to announce Smash Cash, a new cryptocurrency that allows you to stay anonymous. With 10 choices of Blockchain platforms, plus all other Blockchains, your information is secure. Plus, zero links encrypts your information like never before. Welcome to the family!

Have you heard about Smash Cash? It’s a new cryptocurrency platform that has been recently taking over the crypto arena. With its unique features like Zero Link -a system of encryption, and its anonymity and privacy during transactions, it’s gaining popularity fast. It is the safest and most secure way to handle your cryptocurrencies whether it is Bitcoin or Etherium.

We’ve developed Smash Cash, a new cryptocurrency that is based off of Blockchain technology. Among the main features, users can enjoy an almost anonymous transaction process, which uses multiple encryption systems to ensure privacy. If you’d like to learn more about this start-up, please contact us today.

Smash Cash is a new decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology. We offer you a new investment alternative that we believe will bring the highest possible income and stability.

Our new cryptocurrency, Smash Cash, offers the best security measures available today. We realized that security is everyone’s main concern when purchasing cryptocurrencies, and we spent hours ensuring the best possible security measures were in place.

We developed a team of professionals, led by a team of Privacy and Security specialists, to ensure the absolute protection of users’ information. After all, as we always say: Your Data, Your Money…your choice!


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