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Lauria Lambolia
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


A pre-sale for the Quarashi network, a blockchain project focusing on privacy, has gone extremely well. Its six core elements offer the ultimate solution in privacy and security for users. Quarashiall deserve our privacy, and Quarashi is building the most sophisticated privacy platform on the planet. Its security features are unmatched by any other blockchain project on the market. Learn more about how Quarashi protects your privacy with its six key elements.

The world’s most secure messaging app

Quarashi are committed to building the world’s most secure messaging app and communication platform. At Quarashi, we believe everyone deserves our privacy and security, which is why we created Quarashi Messenger. The world’s most secure messaging app offers end-to-end encryption to ensure your message cannot be read by anyone but you and the person you’re communicating with. We also offer a variety of other features to ensure your privacy stays secure regardless of whom you’re talking to or what device you’re using.

First, Quarashi provides a secure messaging application. Users can chat with friends and family, send images, stickers, and amusing emoticons and enjoy the convenience of 100% privacy and security. This platform is backed by the Ethereum blockchain, which is completely anonymous, and 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data. It also penalizes companies that attempt to collect and share personal information through unsecure internet talks.

The Quarashi network is a decentralized multi-function ecosystem, integrating crypto Wallets, Launchpads, and Decentralized Chat Apps. These applications enable people to communicate without worrying about their privacy. Its decentralized structure is built to support multiple cryptocurrencies and offers an incredibly simple user interface. All Quarashi apps can be used on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and webcams.

The Quarashi Network is powered by a native digital asset called the Quarashi Network Token (QUA). This deflationary, Ethereum-based token is fully transparent and fairly issued. The Quarashi Network Token is a standardized and secure utility token. It will be used for payments and access rights within the Quarashi ecosystem. There are no third-party exchanges in the ecosystem.

Quarashi is a mobile platform aimed at providing complete anonymity. The Quarashi network provides a secure chat application, a decentralized exchange, a VPN, and airdrops. Its decentralized architecture allows the development of modular applications and services, and the Quarashi Network is a mobile app. Each module can be independently marketed. However, all modules are integrated and work with each other.

The Quarashi Network is a next-generation mobile platform, based on the blockchain technology. Its platform includes a decentralized exchange, a multi-chain crypto wallet, and a VPN. The Quarashi Network’s multi-chain architecture and encryption features allow Quarashi’s platform to be fully decentralized and secure. Its modular design makes it easy to add new features and market each module individually.

The Quarashi Network is a privacy-based blockchain ecosystem that prioritizes local storage and encryption. This decentralized ecosystem makes it possible for users to use all of their assets without fear of a third party. The Quarashi Network also includes a decentralized chat app. Its platform also integrates a crypto wallet, an exchange, and a launchpad. The main advantage of Quarashi is that it is transparent.


Quarashi is everything that end-users need in an anonymous messaging program. With an encrypted platform, users are able to share files and collaborate in real time. They have complete control over their data with this platform, and its anti-compiling tools prevent any individual or company from collecting or sharing your personal information.

The Quarashi platform offers an effective solution to many privacy concerns and security problems that plague our hyper-connected world. With four years of experience in designing and coding, the team at Quarashi has a proven track record that enables them to make every claim they have made in regards to privacy and security.

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