SPORTZCHAIN is a Company That is Revolutionizing The World of Sports With its Innovative Blockchain Solutions.

Lauria Lambolia
5 min readMay 25, 2022

Sports Tokens or Fan Tokens are a simple and straightforward way for sports fans to become more involved with their favorite teams, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency world is enormous (and continually expanding!). By offering fans the ability to influence both binding and non-binding club choices, this approach aims to transform a passive fan base into an invested fan base. As of now, SPORTZCHAIN is only available in India, but it wants to grow internationally in the next year, with the goal of bringing three sports teams on board.
A primary goal of SPORTZCHAIN founder, Siddharth Jaiswal, was to increase the involvement of sports fans in the decision-making process for the teams and clubs they care about. Sports token holders will now be able to vote on everything from jersey colors to player divisions and transfers, allowing them to get more involved with their favorite teams than ever before.

As a result of SPORTZCHAIN unique blockchain technology and the SPN coin, sports will soon be revolutionized. It will be the first sports blockchain ecosystem powered exclusively by token economy, where fans may earn tokens during match days and also have a continuous stream of tokens to reap financial rewards and participate in engagement opportunities through surveys, contests, and games. When a sports team joins SPORTZCHAIN , they share their fan base with the other participating sports teams and help them develop their fan base by encouraging followers to follow other sports teams.
As a result of SPORTZCHAIN token economy, fans can earn tokens during match days and also have a constant supply of tokens to reap financial rewards and participate in financial upside through surveys and contests. It’s a sports ecosystem where teams share their fan bases with each other and work together to expand their fan bases by rewarding supporters for following different teams.
It is possible for followers of a team to earn tokens by following them on social media or by participating in polls and voting on what they think league commissioners should change. Data that can be utilized for marketing purposes is stored on the blockchain and can be accessed at any time. Smart contracts, a feature of the platform, allow payments to be delivered in response to specified participant activities. Brands may now interact with their customers in new and innovative ways thanks to the platform. The SPORTZCHAIN platform allows brands to sponsor polls and contests, or even conduct their own contests.

With SPORTZCHAIN , sports fans can engage with their favorite teams in new and exciting ways. Fans will be able to connect with their teams in new ways thanks to the SPORTZCHAIN platform. Viewing advertisements and being paid for connecting with their team on social media will allow fans to profit, as will their team’s success as it increases. Fans will have a closer connection to their favorite teams when they are rewarded for engaging with their favorite teams in a unique way.

The Advantages of Using the SPORTZCHAIN Platform
What’s in it for the teams in our digital era when it comes to sports team benefits?

-Sports Tokens are a new revenue source for monetizing their fan base.

-A platform allowing the squad to communicate with a ‘involved fan-base’ and expand their global following via binding and non-binding votes and contests.

-Providing a global audience with unique products and NFTs via a global marketplace.

-Platform to offer various privileges and discounts to the invested fan-base.

-More fans can join the SPORTZCHAIN platform from traditional, non-rewarding social media sites like Twitter..

-Offer exclusive content, games, and transfer news to fans to keep them engaged and empowered.

-To better understand your ‘invested fan base,’ use data analytics.

The SPORTZCHAIN Future in the Metaverse.
To really comprehend the Metaverse’s involvement in sports, one must first understand what the Metaverse is all about. Basically, it’s a network of virtual worlds that interconnect. Think of virtual reality games like Second Life or Minecraft. Just like in these game worlds, the metaverse is a logical extension of them. When it comes to game universes, the creators hold all of the cards in Web 2.0. The Metaverse, on the other hand, unites all of these virtual realms. So it becomes another reality that we can enter at any time. The interchangeability of assets is another implication of this link. In the Metaverse, you can transfer assets from one game to another. P2E has also been used by a large number of games (Play to Earn). This strategy allows gamers to profit from their time invested in the game. Payouts are typically made in the form of a tradable cryptocurrency or a native token.

Token Information
As a form of cryptocurrency, $SPN tokens allow sports fans to earn additional privileges and purchase fan tokens for their favorite teams, granting them access to the decision-making processes of their favorite sports teams.

Symbol: $SPN
Chain: ERC-20

There will be a $SPN token in the SPORTZCHAIN economy that will serve as a booster for the platform and will be necessary for any transactions on the SPORTZCHAIN platform itself (including participating in STOs)


Powered by its native token SPN, the SPORTZCHAIN platform is a novel, decentralized sports ecosystem. SPORTZCHAIN want to make it possible for sports lovers and fans all around the world to have a direct or indirect impact on how decisions are made about their favorite sports. A secure, transparent, and tamper-proof decision-making process will be achieved through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

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