Stabila, a Modern Look at Database Technology

Introducing Stabila, a database technology that is both modern and reliable. Stabila makes it easy for databases to encrypt data and information, yet still remain secure.

Stabila is a reliable, easy-to-use product with encryption capabilities that make it very secure. There is no limit to the size of files you can send or receive; this allows you to work faster and more efficiently without having to worry about file size limits.

Send large files over your network quickly and securely with Stabila!

Stabila is designed with features to make it as secure as possible to protect your critical data. Designed by database experts, Stabila makes database development easier, shorter and faster by mitigating common issues and simplifying the development process.

Stabila is a reliable, easy-to-use database product that serves as a trusted source of information. With encryption capabilities, it is very secure and can be used extensively across an entire organization.

At Stabila, Stabila understand how important a company’s database is. In order to ensure the security of your data without hindering productivity, Stabila have created a database containing a wide variety of functions that is both reliable and easy-to-use.

Stabila offers modern encryption technology that is easy to use, with a familiar look and feel. It is the only product in this class that supports multiple database servers: Oracle, SQL Server, and Access.

It can encrypt databases independent of other information in the system. With encryption at this level, you get the highest level of security available today.

Stabila was created to make data encryption easy using AES 256-bit encryption and to make setting up encryption keys simple as well. It is MySQL RDBMS ready, though right now there is not an open source version available.

If you need encryption, want to use it in a web application environment, and want an easier way to make sure your application is secure, Stabila may be your answer.

Built around a modern, light-weight data engine, Stabila offers the latest database technology standards for all data processing with a highest security class, in particular for encryption algorithms.

Using the XML standard for all software interfaces, Stabila is an excellent basis not only for managing internal processes but also for an Enterprise Service Bus.

Stabila uses modern encryption technology to secure data and ensure the authenticity of data. It features a lot of the features you would expect from any other product, but you can rest assured that your data is safe.

This is particularly important in legal systems and corporations where there is little room for error!

Stabila´s flexible security options safeguard against unauthorized access and ensure operational reliability for companies that handle highly sensitive data. And by relying on open standards such as SQL and LDAP, Stabila can easily integrate into existing IT environments.

Stabila can be deployed as a single node or in an enterprise-wide distributed mode. The latter approach permits easy scaling to very large systems, provides central configuration management, and reduces the risk of disturbances in operation.

Stabila is based on open standards such as CORBA and J2EE, as well as RAII patterns for better resource management and strong data encapsulation.

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