STABILA Decentralizes Financial Services

The decision to take one’s business to a new financial institution can be tough. So it’s no wonder, that people stick with their current one — even if their experience is less than satisfying. At STABILA want to change that and are committed to provide an ecosystem that makes it easy for both the institution and its customers to interact in a safe, efficient, and transparent manner.

STABILA is a brand-led blockchain project committed to financial system decentralization. With its high-performance, easy-to-use, and reliable infrastructure, STABILA Protocol allows building all kinds of blockchain applications and services. Through the strategic application of this protocol, institutions and individuals alike can develop various decentralized applications (DApps) within the space.

These DApps are licensed to counter fraud and minimize risk for their users. The set of DApps from STABILA is not just a platform for other DApps, but an ever-expanding suite of customer-centric services that can ultimately lead to lasting relationships among the participating parties.

The only way for our world to change and be better is for us to change ourselves. The DApps in the STABILA space are providing you the digital tools to do just that. These services create the foundation for new, exciting relationships — and we’re happy to be among the early adopters.

STABILA goal is to build a trustless, scalable, public blockchain and foundation with protective regulations that inspires confidence in our users. Here are three steps we’re taking to make this happen:

1) STABILA are building a high throughput, flexible, and secure foundation for everyone’s applications
2) STABILA building open-source Decentralized Applications that meet customers’ needs
3) STABILA paid careful attention to the policies and standards surrounding STABILA projects

Decentralized financial services space is a new frontier. Just as the blockchain is a new set of ground rules in trading and currency transfer, the benefits of decentralization have just begun to be realized in real ways — from affordable international remittances to trustless smart contracts to secure lending agreements.

STABILA takes this technology for a spin with its protocols for decentralized finance, and establishes itself at the core of the ecosystem.

STABILA Protocol combines a third-generation blockchain with existing centralized solutions to minimize risk and fraud in order to power the next generation of financial services.

STABILA Protocol is a public blockchain infrastructure. Based on DPoS consensus mechanism, it provides high throughput and transaction flexibility to support diverse applications. Moreover, due to various advanced features provided, such as privacy protection and real-time broadcast, STABILA Protocol can support decentralized applications in many fields, such as finance (STABILA Finance), digital identity (STABILA Identity), cross-chain collaboration (STABILA X), e-commerce and so on. Welcome to the new world with STABILA!

STABILA Protocol is based on the principle of decentralized trust, and employs a blockchain mechanism that minimizes the risk of fraud. By using blockchain technology as the basis for STB tokens, STABILA can eliminate middlemen and create a safer environment where customers are protected.

The STABILA wallet is the backbone of our application, and it works by providing a protocol to be used by other blockchain applications. Our address system is based on the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). SCP utilizes Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) for transaction confirmation and allows for 10,000 transactions per second which means we can comfortably manage massive numbers of users.

Your cryptography is as safe as your password — or safer. We never have access to or store your private keys, so no one else can either.

STABILA is a network for financial service providers and customers. Our platform creates a borderless, fast, and secure way to conduct business transactions between any two parties on our network. By providing strong support for traditional businesses and decentralized technologies, we enable our partners to build efficient custom applications in real time.

STABILA is expanding the possibilities of decentralized applications (DApps) in an unlimited digital future. By establishing non-for-profit organization, STABILA is committed to giving back to the community through collaborative efforts between its reach of professional developers and a pool of powerful advisors with years of experience.

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