The Idea Behind Udego Finance & The Inevitable Rise Of Digital Currency

Lauria Lambolia
4 min readDec 11, 2021


The idea behind Udego Finance was inspired by the recent explosion of hype surrounding the blockchain and its unfortunate associations with Bitcoin. Despite past issues, there is a large market for bitcoin and other digital currency. We saw only one problem: to be traded, bitcoins must pass through a centralized exchange (read: leave your computer and information at risk of attack).

That’s why we created Udego Finance, an open source currency exchange which provides a safe and secure peer-to-peer money trading network while making no sacrifices in ease of use. This will provide the perfect platform for all manner of daily goods and services to be available. It will unlock a new global prosperity that can only exist outside of the control of central banks.

The term “digital currency” is used to describe units that are in a common digital format. As opposed to physical paper currency, the value of a digital currency is not controlled by a single entity or host but rather the shared database system which underpins it.

The development of the Udego Finance framework is the first step towards a common digital currency and has been designed to be an alternative and complementary concept to Bitcoin and other blockchain-based currencies.

Udego Finance is a framework for monetary exchange. It’s a concept, a protocol, and an organization. The direction we choose is up to us. On the dark web in particular, we face challenges with facilitating trust-free monetary exchange that challenge our definition of money. I propose an idea for resolving this problem with Udego Finance.

On the one hand, we have digital currency as conceived of by visionaries like Nick Szabo. And on the other, we have cryptocurrency as promoted by a notable zealotry. What if, rather than choose sides in this debate, we re-examine the premises that underlie these concepts?

Udego Finance is the digital money framework proposed via this investigation.

It aims to achieve many of the benefits intrinsic to cryptocurrencies while avoiding some of their most significant shortcomings and challenges.

The specific implementation of Udego Finance’s monetary framework thought up by the revolutionary minds behind Udego Finance is only one possible implementation. The upcoming open source code development of Udego Finance’s monetary framework will mark a big step forward in the process of implementing random ideas to create an inevitably new and better world.

The Idea Behind Udego Finance explains the current concept behind Udego Finance and its potential uses in a fun and light way, explaining the big picture with real-world examples.

Udego Finance is a concept that is based upon the premise that the current monetary framework will not be able to meet the very real needs of tomorrow. Although its proposed technical elements are new, the foundational intellectual model has existed since the dawn of civilization.

The current economic and bureaucratic structure is also built upon antiquated notions such as paper currencies, centralized government agencies, banking intermediaries and numerous levels of regulations. Within this environment we are building something we believe will inevitably replace the current system. It is called Udego Finance.

Udego Finance is a financial organization that seeks to understand and address the desires of modern monetary systems. Blockchain technology has gained a lot of praise recently for its advances in foundational technologies behind money transfer and value.

However, there are many alternative methods to account for the problems inherent in traditional fiat currencies, such as inflation and devaluation against other currencies. Through the development of this concept, we hope to inspire further discussion on alternative money systems that do not rely on vulnerable third-parties or central authorities.

Have you ever thought of replacing banks with computer servers? Digital finance is a new form of money creation, where anyone who has an internet connection can be the bank. Udego Finance and its community will pave the way to a better future and a stronger economy.

Udego Finance is a digital money system and banking service that is based on the concept that technology should enhance human life, not rule it. The upcoming financial revolution will improve the way society operates by decentralizing it.

Whether times get tough or though technology physically changes the way we do things, Udego Finance will always remain relevant. The strengths of this platform stem from community participation, transparency, and the fact that with profit comes progress; Udego Finance is always working to improve its services and even record keeping is improved upon by way of AI facilitated data mining.

The Idea Behind Udego Finance & The Inevitable Rise Of Digital Currency is a book that offers an overview of the various paths being adopted by fintech and cryptographic technology businesses, extending their reach beyond the internet.

Udego is a digital currency platform that focuses on ease of use, trust and the ability for others to create their own currencies. An open source framework, Udego will be a product that everyone can freely access and contribute to, with no barriers or limitations.

Udego empowers people with the tools needed to freely exchange digital currency and be completely independent from central authorities and banks.

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