TROPHY: The Auto-Staking Crypto Token & $TROPHY Token Holder Benefits

Lauria Lambolia
4 min readJun 18, 2022


As crypto investors, $TROPHY might not always feel this way, but crypto is the fastest growing asset class of the decade. It’s still very young in terms of adoption and innovation and is experiencing exponential growth with each passing month. Right now, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding decentralized finance (DeFi), and it seems like there are projects being launched every day. Trophy is aiming to solve a serious challenge in the crypto space by creating a stable return for $TROPHY token holders for staking via a new financial protocol that provides unprecedented returns for Hodlers.

What is TROPHY ?
Trophy is a company that is focused on DeFi innovation, which creates benefits and value for Trophy token holders. The Trophy Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP) is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier, and more efficient, and awards $TROPHY token holders the highest stable returns in the cryptocurrency market.
Trophy is aiming to make the world of cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses. The company has created a unique Investing Platform that will allow anyone to earn a steady 1.2% APY on their $TROPHY Tokens. That’s not all — if you’re willing to let your $TROPHY Tokens sit in your Trophy Wallet for at least 30 days, you’ll earn an additional 850% APR on those same tokens!

$TROPHY Reward Mechanism: How Does It Function?
Trophy platform’s cross-chain bridge service is simple to use: You simply deposit $TROPHY tokens or coins on your network, and choose what you wish to exchange them for. There are no other smart contracts like the Trophy protocol.
Any two separate blockchain-based assets can be securely transferred between each other using Trophy’s cross-chain bridge. Ethereum users can also create their own tokens that can be used on any platform that supports the protocol. Trophy has a slew of features aimed at enhancing use and security while also bringing down transaction costs.

Trading and staking your claim.
Because of all the concerns regarding cryptocurrency market liquidity and volatility, Trophy Staking offers a feasible alternative for crypto investors to generate passive income without selling their tokens or worrying about what would happen if they needed to cash out at any time. With Trophy Staking, all investors need to do is deposit tokens into their wallets to begin earning 1.2 percent a day in interest.

Key features of the Trophy cross-chain bridge include:
-High-level security features reduce risk of hacks
-Reduced gas costs allow for faster execution of transfers
-Increased transaction speeds allow for fast accumulation of assets.

TROPHY Insurance Fund (TIF)
As the name suggests, the TIF is a contract that protects consumers who provide their Trophies Tokens (TT) to gamified applications like Pokémon Go. A new type of economy is powered by the smart contracts in the Trophy Protocol. They want to establish an environment where gamers can play any game they choose without having to rely on any central authority. The Trophy Token and the TIF are the two primary components of the protocol (Trophy Insurance Fund).
The Trophy Protocol’s long-term viability is further guaranteed by the TIF, which serves as an insurance fund. This is done by encrypting a part of all tokens created by the system and making them unavailable to anybody but the protocol’s developers. When an application built on top of the protocol breaks down and can’t pay out promised benefits to users, these locked tokens are used as stakes to back claims.

Name: Trophy
Ticker: TROPHY
$TROPHY Total Supply: 280,000 $Trophy
Locked: 90,600 $Trophy
Public Hold: 120,000
Staking Liquidity: 40,000
Airdrop and Bounty: 10,000
Marketing: 15,000
Trophy Smart Contract: 0xBaAd7173c7eDd91269F52c32c1d98B523e1852e4

So, with the addition of $TROPHY token holders to the Trophy Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP) TROPHY enable further DeFi innovation that can be built on top of TAP, bring more value to $TROPHY token holders and increase the capacity for unlocking new financial services and products with stability. Because of the benefits that the $TROPHY token holder receives with the Automatic Staking Protocol and TAP, it might just be one of the most lucrative opportunities in crypto — a passive income stream.


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