TVG Coin is a social cryptocurrency that takes a more open and transparent approach to ensuring the security of cryptocurrency transactions.

Lauria Lambolia
4 min readJun 8, 2022

To protect transactions, TVG took the first step by obscuring it. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been heavily criticized for their security as every transaction ever made can be traced back to the person who created it. Theft is irreversible, so if your money is taken by fraud or other means, you are out of luck. All transaction data is encrypted so that only those involved in the transaction can access it (sender, receiver and miner).
This is where things get really interesting: TVG is the first blockchain-based coin to provide transactions that can be made privately or publicly. A new, completely anonymous address is provided to you for free every time you send or receive coins from a public address (which has almost the same level of privacy as an email address).

TVG Coin and the TVG Coin system work?
Apart from facilitating the trading or buying of TVG coins, TVG Coin also donates to charitable causes. In this way, international remittances can be made and financial transactions can be completely transparent. Global payment processing is very easy thanks to the fast payment processing of TVG coin business model.
TVG Coin is an ERC20 coin based on the Tron network that facilitates e-commerce transactions. Television Game Coins allow users to donate to charitable organizations while also exchanging their coins for other TVG coins. TVG is a TRC20 based coin that can be used on the TRON blockchain to carry out e-commerce transactions. Faster transactions, lower gas costs and multi-chain usability are just a few of the many benefits of the TRC20 environmental package.

Mission of TVG Coin
As a community-driven initiative, the TVG platform relies on the contributions of those who share our vision. More people use TVG, and it will become more successful as a result. If this project is going to succeed, we need all of you to get involved and help us move it forward.
Based on blockchain technology, TVG is an open source platform. TVG is open source, so anyone can use it to implement their own ideas, create their own tokens, or even use it for their own purposes. With today’s cutting-edge technology, you can do anything you can imagine.
TVG Coin is a new cryptocurrency that aims to do good in the world by donating a portion of its value to charity. TVG will be accessible to everyone in the world who wants to use it, thanks to a total coin supply of one trillion. For every transaction, you’ll receive a portion of your purchase price that will go to a charitable organization of your choice!

The advantages of using TVG coins
The first thing that TVG does to ensure the safety of transactions is to essentially eliminate any possibility of tracing those transactions. The fact that every single transaction that has ever been made can be linked back to its creator is one of the key reasons why cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been attacked for their perceived lack of security. This implies that if your coins are taken from you, whether by fraud or any other means, there is no way to get them back; once they are gone, they are gone for good. TVG protects its users from this issue by encrypting all transaction data. This ensures that only those who are directly involved in the transaction (the sender, the receiver, and the miners) are able to view the data.
The following bit is when things start to get really interesting: TVG is the first token built on a blockchain that enables both private and public transactions. When you send or receive coins using a public address, which is about as private as an email address, you are automatically assigned a new public address that you can use to conduct entirely anonymous transactions. This new address is provided to you for free.

A global currency that is accepted in most countries is TVG ultimate goal. Many people wonder why we have so many coins, given our total of one trillion. A total of a trillion coins must be in circulation to accommodate the ever expanding open globe and its ever-increasing number of inhabitants. TVG coins are also put aside for each exchange, which they can use to donate to a worthy cause. We can imagine how much better the country would be if we could have a positive social impact on the millions of transfers that take place every day around the world.

·Name: TVG Coin

·Symbol: TVG

·Total supply: 1 Trillion

·Coin Platform network: TRC-20

·Name of Coin: TVG: The Social Coin

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