Udego Finance: Now You Can Manage Money in a Network of Trust

Lauria Lambolia
3 min readDec 24, 2021

Udego Finance’s business model is going to crash the disruption caused by block chains in traditional finance. it not only gathers information and records, but also forms balance and activities to turn them into assets and products that can be traded on blockchains.

Combining with the smart contract, Udego Finance will create a market where traditional finance meets blockchains

Udego is the first blockchain-based asset management ecosystem that can effectively distribute fund to people who are in need without intermediaries. In order to do so, Udego applies biological network theory as its underlying mechanism, and ensures its security through sufficient nodes.

As a result, a node can operate as follows:

  1. gather information
  2. 2) form a balance and an activity
  3. 3) be recorded on a blockchain.

It can be used as an asset when conditions are met.

Do you know that nodes in a biological network share and manage money?

In the Udego Finance network, information of all kinds is recorded on blockchains. Each node in the network can work as an investment asset. It is no longer a secret that nodes accessing Udego Finances have taken part in a number of blockchain projects like Ethereum and others.

Udego Finance aims to break the traditional financial mode based on trust into a biological network with large amounts of data and smart contracts. By joining this network, you can form a professional credit system through FICO rating and blockchain technology.

By keeping record according to your activities and reputation, your personal credit attributes will grow positively rather than negatively. When you are trusted by others through the network, you can obtain loans or publish advertisements. Banks in the traditional finance industry and credit services agents will be totally reshaped by us.

The essence of Udego Finance is to invent a trust network, create a new distributed nature of the Exchange, and distribute it into a biological network in which Trust becomes the primary trading base. It’s an open trading platform that is more transparent and secure because of Trust.

Udego Finance is a distributed network of finance for the 21st century. It is built upon the developments of modern biology, with users as its nodes, financial activities as its chromosomes and blockchains as its DNA. The birth of this new system signifies the advent of a new-age world.

We are pleased to announce that Udego will build a Distributed Financial Network (DFN). Nodes will gather blockchains’ data, and based on these data, nodes can form their balance, generate credit and make transactions. Nodes will be grouped into communities according to the business similarity, so that members in the same community can create credit for each other. The more advanced a node is, the more credits it can create. We call them Incentive Nodes (INs), they will be responsible for distributing credits to members of its own community in order to stimulate the interaction among them.

The revolution of finance paradigms is coming! All physical and virtual assets can be decentralized, recorded on blockchains, and exchanged. What will happen next in the process of revolution?

The traditional financial network is in a complex state of disorder, with many chaos risks. The emergence of blockchain will simplify the operation mode, and each other can connect to form a smart contract chain on the chain finance platform. Entering the new age of finance, someday, we can find all financial assets are traded on chain finance.

Suppose that we have a simple problem to solve, how can we make it more efficient? One answer is to distribute the solution into a network of trust: instead of being solved by a single point, problems will be solved by multiple participants.

Information About Udego:
Website — https://udego.finance/
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