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Lauria Lambolia
3 min readDec 31, 2021


Hi guys,

Here xeggex come. Forget about the issues with KYC and fiat on other trading platforms. We are a new blockchain based platform that doesn’t need an account on our website. You can trade crypto to crypto in your wallet on your computer and mobile devices with a secure trading platform.

We are committed to provide professional technical service and marketing assistance for our customers. We hope we can be your trustable partner.

The xeggex is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform. No KYC is required, no fiat is accepted and you can use it to trade cryptocurrencies all-day long. We provide our customers with a secure platform that focus on privacy and tech stability.

All members are provided with professional technical service and marketing assistance. With xeggex, you can easily enjoy trading on your computer, not matter where you are!

Xeggex truly value your trust and have developed a set of rules by which each user can trade with comfort. Xeggex is the best place where both newbies and professional traders gather together to make money from trading crypto currency. With our professional technical service and marketing assistance, we are committed to delivering the best cryptocurrency market experience.

Founded on January 2018, xeggex is the world’s leading crypto services platform. We provide comprehensive services to the global crypto community through proprietary technology, product superiority and exceptional customer service. We are determined to make xeggex one of the most trusted exchanges.

Besides the abundant global digital assets, xeggex is also a great chance for you to enjoy our trading platform very well. We provide GIFT (Giftcoin) for our members who deposit ETH to their account. It can be used as gratitude to our customers.

Xeggex is a new crypto trading platform with advanced technologies like StableCoin(SBC), AI-Decentralizing economies, and etc.

Hello xeggex members, we are happy to announce that our development team has successfully improved the website again. We now have made it easy for our members to deposit altcoins through If you have altcoin like XRP, LTC, NEO and so on, you can now convert it into BTC or ETH in one single step.

Our team will continue to bring better experience and surprises for you.

As a professional and independent business team, xeggex focuses on providing safe and reasonable digital currency trading services. We help more enthusiasts get into the world of digital currency by building a secure platform for global members to trade cryptocurrency with ease.

To ensure your trading experience is smooth, we employ a dedicated team of customer service representatives to provide you with fast and friendly support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also offer an active trader program to our members which includes the top exchange platform and daily withdrawal limits.

Xeggex will provide you with professional technical service and marketing assistance to help you develop your business.


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